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For the online course for Down syndrome being conducted by the Down Syndrome Federation of India in association with IRC Bangalore and Ms. Tejal Shah , we have been trying to make the course as interactive and practical as possible.

In this endeavor, a group assignment was given to the participants. 11 groups were formed with each group having 4 members and all of them were expected to join together and provide an idea/innovative concept to spread awareness about Down syndrome.

Every group came up with a plan of action that was both interesting and captivating. However, this assignment had to be graded and awards presented for the best 3 presentations. This was a tough ask and finally group 1 emerged the winner followed by Group 3 and Group 2 who stood joint 2nd.

We would like to showcase this talent of our course participants here. Presenting the assignments from each of the groups.

Group 1 Assignment

Group 2 Assignment - 1 Group 2 Assignment - 2 Group 3 Assignment Group 5 Assignment 1 Group 5 Assignment - Day 1 to 10 Group 5 Assignment - Day 11 to 20 Group 5 Assignment - Day 21 to 31 Group 8 Assignment Group 5 Assignment - Journey of Adhrit Group 5 Assignment - Journey of Hemanth Sai Group 5 Assignment - JJourney of Himesh Group 5 Assignment - Radhika_s achievements Group 5 Assignment for DSFI Group 5 Assignment for online class