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Delhi Goes to Party – a Picnic to remember

It was a sunny winter morning on December 15, 2019, the day for DSPS’s annual picnic. All the enthusiastic parents and smiling kids made sure that they reach there on time. This time more than 40 families registered for the event and actually attended it.

It was a pot-luck event. The other thing special about the picnic this year was that DSPS had invited a trained professional to conduct some fun games activities for the children. All the children participated and enjoyed thoroughly all the activities.

Once the lunch was over a Santa came to meet the kids and distribute candies. The kids were over whelmed to see the Santa who actually was a volunteer who wanted to get connected to DSPS because she has witnessed her own cousin with Down syndrome grow. The highlight of the picnic was a visit paid by our youngest member who is only 3.5 months old.

A few pictures that captured the moment is given here.