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Course specially for Down syndrome inaugurated

4th August 2019 is a special day for Down syndrome in the country. The first course exclusively for Down syndrome was begun in Bangalore, in association with IRC (Information and Resource Center). This course is aimed at creating greater awareness about Down syndrome and related issues. There are a lot of misconceptions and myths associated with Down syndrome. This program aims to dispel that and give a holistic view of the condition.

Various experts from both medical and social fields will be addressing these sessions to provide perspectives that would be an eye opener for the participants. The first session on the 4th of August was an introductory session by Dr, Surekha Ramachadnran, President, Down Syndrome Federation of India. She spoke about various things ranging from what Down syndrome is to how one can encourage parents and persons with Down syndrome to stretch their boundaries and perform better.

For details on this course, one can connect with Ms. Tejal Shah - tejalvikasshah@gmail.com or Ms. Vidya Udani - vidyaudani@gmail.com

Here are a few photographs from the inaugural session.