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Help your kids speak better

Below are the links to the speech videos made for Ms. Deepa Garwa for her series... there are about 10 links of the videos along with the questions that were being answered there..

In this video Pratiksha is answering the questions regarding

  • Chanting and Clapping as a game to aid in hand-eye-speech co-ordination.
  • How to extend further language ability of the children who are at '2-3 words phrase' level.
  • Fringe words and core words,
  • Colourful Semantics and how to use it.
  • Other important tips and tricks

In this part, we are talking about the age/muscle-readiness of children to be able to speak certain sounds.

  • How to help a child pronounce 'R' sound.
  • Age milestones for different sounds.
  • Practicing sound-discrimation' to check child's hearing.
  • Steps of teaching a sound- isolation, blending, in the beginning, middle and in the end.
  • Simple things to do at home.

What to do when your child is speaking only in a few repeated need based words. Here we are discussing about a 9 year old child who can read, has a vocabulary of about 300-400 words but while speaking only uses very few words and doesn't talk in sentences.

  • How to motivate your child to speak more.
  • How to increase his confidence to engage more
  • Rewarding, using social media etc.

  • What to do if
  • your child's speech is unclear
  • he lacks articulation
  • when excited, he speaks too fast Here, Pratiksha talks about certain strategies that you can use to help your child with these concerns.

What to do if your child is already over 6-7 years of age and is still not able to speak clearly or/ is non-verbal.

What to do when the child 'Stutters' or takes a long time to initiate a word?

How to take your child from 'need based communication' to 'higher language skill' How to help them converse effectively

Discussion about older children or adults, who refuse to speak or communicate very less and whose speech can gradually regress because of less stimulation or less engagement... What to do if your child/an adult with DS is not attempting to speak or engage in conversations.

Very important for new parents...All about 'hearing', 'oro-motor exercises at home', straw exercises, blowing, sucking and many many more FUN things that you can do with your children to help develop their speech... Watch the full video to know more

the first video ( part1) of the session. Here we are talking about

  • Difference between Speech therapy and Language therapy.
  • Difference between Speech and Communication.
  • How early can you start speech therapy for your child?
  • What more to do, when your child is cooing or babbling at 7-8 months.
  • Some strategies to follow at home.