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World Down Syndrome Day Celebrations at Down Syndrome Federation of India center

World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is celebrated on the 21st of March every year. This is the day to celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of all persons with Down syndrome. World over various events mark this day which not only help persons with Down syndrome feel special, but also helps their near and dear to understand that these people are definitely worth rejoicing!

At Chennai, the Down Syndrome Federation of India also celebrated this day with a lot of fun and laughter. Enthusiasm was written on every face and every child, every adult and everybody present there could feel the latent positive energy flowing. The blue and yellow balloons that floated around represented the cheer and happiness that the center was experiencing on this special day.

There was something for everyone at the center. The parents, the children across all age groups, the teachers, everyone made sure that they actually celebrated the day. There were games for parents, for the children and there was also good food. The Yoga session also helped parents understand what happens and they participated in the session along with their kids.

After all the activity, it was time to eat and then start the activities all over again. Parents were reminded time and again about how lucky they were to have children with Down syndrome who knew how to enjoy themselves and at the same time were competitive when the situation comes.

It was heartening to see the youth of today volunteering at the event. Their enthusiasm and helpfulness without any expectations was indeed very heartening. We could actually see a brighter tomorrow for all our children where they would be accepted as they are.

At the end of the day, there were proud parents and happy children. And there was hope that persons with Down syndrome would be celebrated wherever they are!