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Fun Day with Sundaram Fasteners Limited Volunteers

“It was a fun day for our students as volunteers from Sundaram Fasteners Limited decided to spend some time with them. All of them had a great time. It was a time to cherish for both the parties involved. While the students had a great time with games and dance, the volunteers too joined in. The sweets and snacks that they brought for the students was enough to bring huge smiles on their faces.

And this was not one sided! We received a mail from SFL the same day: “Our volunteers haven't stopped talking about their experience from this morning's visit. Thank you so much for arranging this for us. We would definitely want to do this on a regular basis. Please let us know how we can build on this.

Our best regards to all who made this possible.”

Thank you Sundaram Fasteners for giving our students such a great time and you are welcome once more!

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