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A Sister’s Perspective

It’s a privilege to present this 63 year old young jawan yoddha, who inspires true to his name Rama Krishna Balgi lovingly called Girish.

Medically he is a case of a rare condition, Cretinism associated with hypothyroidism along with delayed milestones and special needs. Girish is an unique multifaceted personality who is a divine pure spiritual soul,full of faith in all things good and a positive influence that comes across all the time.In a nutshell his gifted traits comprise being focused, hardworking, karmayogi, comfortable with 5languages,keen learner who loves to read, write ,spell ,sketch ,paint, do yoga, watch spiritual discourses, music programs and old movies.

His memory is amazing and shocking at times,when he is able to recall names and instances after many years. Music and singing is closest to his heart and his inherent music channel is on most of the time apart from chanting Gayatri ,Ganpati and other mantras.

Food is his passion and everything connected with it right from making grocery lists,super culinary domestic skills,recipes,cooking and more.He completed the Verushka Foundation Culinary course at 61 years along with others half or way younger than him impressing all with the zeal of a teenager.

Girish is very social,friendly,loves meeting people and travelling especially by flights. He is also the CEO of our NGO Reachout that works towards inclusion and empowerment. Do check out the link https://www.facebook.com/Reachoutinclusion. We have had wonderful enjoyable empowering experiences over the past few years at the IIDSC Humsafar meets that Girish cherished and recalls while waiting for the next.

Overall this hero lives a full happy and content life. We have a lot to be grateful for. So let us celebrate this Life by higher design..........

Rekhabalgi (Sister)