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Health Camp

Down Syndrome Federation of India (DSFI) Team's visit 18th -19th August 2018 at Ahmedabad

The DSFI team has been going from place to place to help persons with Down syndrome. They organize camps that help parents understand their children better and take steps to help their children perform better. The next camp is being organized at Ahmedabad on the 18th and 19th of August 2018.

Please find below the details. More details will be shared shortly.

This is to inform all parents of persons with Down Syndrome that Dr Rekha Ramachandran and her team of experts are scheduled to visit Ahmedabad on 18 & 19th August, 2018 Dr Rekha Ramachandran fondly called Rekha maa, is the president of DSFI, and a senior parent. She and her team and Dr Nina Vaidya, senior parent and paediatrician, will be addressing issues related to fine and gross motor skills, speech, reading, writing, social, sports, nutrition, parental stress, medical issues etc on a one-to-one basis.

A maximum of 40 children, 10 years and below will be accommodated on 18th, Saturday and a maximum of 40 persons above the age of 10 years will be evaluated on 19th, Sunday.Venue is yet to be finalized

Prior registration is mandatory and at no cost.

For registration:

The prerequisite for registration is that the child should have medical reports up-to-date, which includes ...

  • Cardiac Evaluation - Echo, whenever done till date
  • Hearing evaluation - BERA , if done last report. If more than 7 yrs of age, audiometry report, preferably done in last 2 years.
  • Eye check - to be done by ophthalmologist anytime in last 9 months
  • CBC - if done in last 6 months please get reports, otherwise to be done
  • Thyroid evaluation - TSH, free T3, free T4, TPO antibodies
  • Karyotype
For registration kindly contact
Ms Parini Delhiwala
+91 99255 64948