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Health Camp

Health Camp at Ahmedabad

The DSFI team has been going from place to place to help persons with Down syndrome. They organize camps that help parents understand their children better and take steps to help their children perform better.

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Health Camp at Jaipur

A Down Syndrome Awareness and Health Camp was organized at Jaipur on the 19 August with the inspiration of Dr. Surekha Ramachandran. This was done by Dr. Manisha Goyal, who is a medical geneticist from Jaipur. 28 Down's children with family participated.

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Health Camp at Delhi

On the 30th of September 2018, a health camp is being organized at Noida. This camp is being organized at the IMA House, Sector 31, NOIDA. Over a 100 children have been registered for this health camp.

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Health Camp assessment & Requirement

The Down Syndrome Federation of India organizes health camps across the country in order to assess and assist persons with Down syndrome and their families. These camps have therapists, specialists and counselors who would examine the child and provide the necessary inputs to help the children lead better and more fulfilling lives.

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