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Indelible wins!!!!

And Indelible wins!!!! The Asia Pacific outstanding documentary award. Thank you for sending us your love. What an unforgettable night. Here’s to justice, change and love! Here’s to our 7 heroes!

Each of them has achieved a lot in their lives with the unconditional support of their families.

Meet an Olympic gold medallist, a Bharatanatyam dancer, a cricket player – and a person who knows there is something called perfection.

Bound together by an extra chromosome, Indelible is an uplifting portrait of those living with Down’s syndrome.

This film breaks traditional barriers to seek the true colours of people with the condition and how parents and siblings cope. It is a message of hope.

Eloquent and charming, insightful and powerful, learn about the dreams, beliefs and feelings, of this touching group of people.

At its heart, Indelible is a moving tribute to the indestructible human spirit.