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Let the buildings shine in Blue and Yellow

On the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day 2020 , the Commissioner’s Office of Chennai, Ripon Building was lit up in the Down syndrome colors of Blue and Yellow. This is the 3 rd time in a row that Ripon Building is being lit up. This time was special because there were no other celebrations outside on the occasion due to the Corona Virus threat.

The Government is taking steps to spread awareness about the various disabilities. One of the major genetic disabilities is Down syndrome. Down syndrome births in the country number close to 30000 a year, which is approximately 1% of the total disabilities. However the awareness is so low that hardly 3% of our population have heard of Down syndrome out of which only 1% even know what it is. With such poor visibility it has become imperative for the Federation to take steps to spread this awareness. One of the steps taken is to light up popular public edifices like Ripon building in Chennai.

The building lit up in the royal blue and golden yellow gave a grand impression and anybody who passed by the building could not but admire the grandeur.

Here are a few pictures that show the Ripon Building in all its glory.

Let the buildings shine in Blue and Yellow - Downsyndrome Day