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Positive Girls of Today – Confident mothers of tomorrow

January 10th 2019 must have been a revelation for almost 250 girls of the NSS from Quaid-e-Millath college, Chennai. Dr. Surekha Ramachandran-President of Down Syndrome Federation of India spoke to them about how positivity is necessary for a woman.

She was invited by the principal of the college to inspire the students of NSS, who enjoyed every minute of Dr. Ramachandran’s speech. During her presentation that lasted over an hour she touched on various topics including Down syndrome, testing for Down syndrome, how positivity can help a person lead happier lives, about womanhood and how a woman can make or break a house, about heartbreaks and negativity. Motivational and touching at the same time, Dr. Ramachandran was able to connect with the students at an emotional level and help bring out their fears.

She had Ms. Babli Ramachandran’s Bharatanatyam photo and when she asked the students what they thought of it, all of them responded with – is it arangetram photo?” or “Is she a dancer?”. When she told the group that it was her daughter Ms. Babli Ramachandran and that she was a person with Down syndrome, the students looked amazed. It was a revelation for them that people with disabilities could do so many things.

At the end, every student there wanted a photo with Dr. Ramachandran and also her number. The Thank you speech said it all – “We have had speakers and we have gotten bored, but you came like a livewire and helped us understand a lot more about positive thinking and the power of being confident. We promise you that we will become confident women who live life in our terms.”

A few images from the event…