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Positive Feedback

  • Srilakshmi Ramakrishnan Nair - Physiotherapist

    Respected Madam, Firstly I thank you for giving me this opportunity to travel with you for the assessment as it has truly been a learning experience for me as a professional. I was able to get the different kind of thought and attitudes of parents of DS child in Gujarat with ones in our center here. I was also shocked with the kind of professional blunder made by many therapist in Gujarat by prescribing a AFO( ankle foot orthosis) used usually in spasticity or contracture for a down syndrome kids. I was happy to share my professional knowledge with a fellow therapist there and with parents in improving the child's milestone delay and educating the disadvantage of AFO usage for DS kids. I have previously worked with special kids. A 7months work experience with down syndrome kids & as a mother of a 4yr old ,comparing them I believe that there is little difference in a DOWN SYNDROME CHILD and a NORMAL CHILD and it's the delay in physical development & bit intellectually challenged. A DOWN SYNDROME CHILD IS NOT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM A NORMAL CHILD IN TERMS OF BEHAVIOUR AND UNDERSTANDING. THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE PARENTS /PEOPLE'S MIND OF LOOKING AT DS KID.

  • Abhinav & Sonali

    We are currently in the UK and wanted to visit Mathru Mandir and personally meet Dr. Rekha and her team. In September 2016, we were in Chennai for 3 consecutive days. We are very happy with our interaction with Rekha Ma's expert team including specialized doctors and Mathru Mandir's on board full time physiotherapy, Yoga and other trained staff members. We can confirm that the objective of this organisation is to serve the community. We have got a lot of inputs. One important point, Rekha Ma personally had come to receive us at the Chennai Airport. Her hospitality is truly incomparable. She loves her children and associated parents. We also met parents ​​ from low income groups and were delighted to see the support they received interacting with a team of qualified doctors. I pray for Rekha Ma's good health and my best wishes for her work in this area. All the best team. ".


    Dear Rekha, I do not have words to express the kind of impact your talk has had with my staff & the other participants. I guess it was based on your life experiences and hands on knowledge. I appreciate the effort your team especially Sandya & Banu & the therapist put in sharing their knoweldge amongst us. Warm regards CHITRA SHAH DIRECTOR SATYA SPECIAL SCHOOL web: www.satyaspecialschool.org

  • Anjani Kumar Ganeriwala
    varanasi u.p.

    I have been surfing this site for more than i month. i really feel that i found a light in apsolute dark.how can i aprouch you since i have already sent various mails to you. i am proud father of a 13 years old very special son. anjani d5/136,tripura bhairavi varanasi-221001

  • Aarthi

    Knowing what each of us go through when we have a special child, from personal experience , I know that what you have achieved is a singular, personal accomplishment – something that required a lot of guts, hard work, courage, determination, a generous spirit…These children are truly God’s gifts. I would like you to express my sincere gratitude to Sandhya, Vasanthi, Bhanu for all their help and advice.Also Ramya,Rekha and Sindhu

  • Parents of Fathima

    The services I received from the staff were fantastic. I can’t say enough about the therapies and my family support person .. They were my sanity through the last 3 years, and I consider them all family

  • Amarjit Singh Anand

    Dear Dr. Rekha, Greetings! I thank you for all you have given us for our cause, a never forgettable memories at the get together at your place. I carried with me great new ideas, experience and learned how to move to achieve the ultimate goal which one can learn only in such gatherings with interaction. Kindly send me Copy of Memorandum of Association of your. (I will tailor it here) & Copy of Memorandum of Babli Foundation (Trust), Please mail me photos file, so that I make a press release that Punjab is going for Down syndrome Association. Always to stand with you and take guidance as you are my Mentor for the Downs activity and future movement. Once again a big thank you to entire Ramachandran Family & Motru Mandir Staff. Warm Regards, Amarjit Singh Anand.

  • Esther Thomas

    Dear Sandhya, Thank u very much for all the hospitality shown towards us. We had a memorable evening with all of u. Congrats to Mathru Mandir and all of u , I know u all would have taken a lot of trouble to make this big day happen. Please give My thanks to Mrs. Rama Sudarshan who helped me lot to reach the venue.
    Thank u
    Esther Thomas