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World Down Syndrome Day Celebrations at Down syndrome support group of Amrita

WDSD 2017 was organized all over Kerala in a grand and impressive manner. The Indian Academy of Pediatrics had instructed all its branches to organize programmes in a befitting manner and most of the branches did a very commendable job. The branches organized the programmes with the help of NGOs wherever available. Special mention must be made of the activities organized in Kasaragod, Kanhangad, Wynad, Trichur, Ernakulan, Kottayam, Alleppey, Quilon and Trivandrum in addition to the programmes organized at Calicut. The Alan T 21 Welfare Trust also did a commendable job and brought out a Newsletter on Trisomy 21.

Activities at Calicut were organized by 'The Down Syndrome Trust' (DoST), in association with Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP):

1. Date 21.03.2017; 10 am to 1 pm; IMA Hall, Calicut.

Training for Parents and caretakers of children with Intellectual Challenges - basically for parents of Children with Dow syndrome under the DoST Support Group.

The inaugural programme is shown in Annexure I

Dr.Shaji Thomas John inaugurated the programme. Mr. Ajith B and Mr.Niresh P., (Co-ordinators, National Career Service Centre for Differentially Abled, under the State Institute for Mentally Challenged, Trivandrum) detailed and took classes about the vocational programmes available for children above 15 years.More than 20 children were shortlisted and selection will be made from among them. Selected candidates will be given 1 year stipendiary training, depending on their vocational interests, after which they can be absorbed in Government and private institutions.

This was followed by Classes on the rights, the law, the benefits available, the insurance schemes available, the need for guardianship etc by Mr. Mujeeb Rehman from Kerala State Social Security Mission and Mr.Jenson M.Joy, District Programme Manager, DDGKY, Kudumbashree, Kozhikode.

2. Date 21.03.2017, 9 am to 1 pm:

Inaddition programmes were organized at the IMCH, Aster MIMS Hospital and Baby Memorial Hospital on 21st March between 9 am and 1 pm. The materials made in a vocational centre were exhibited at Calicut Medical College.

3. Date 21.03.2017; 2 pm to 5.00 pm: IMA HAll, Calicut

Entertainment programme by persons with Down syndrome. Various special schools in Kozhikode district were represented and they were given a chance to showcase their talents for 10 minutes. It was followed by music and dance which the children and their parents enjoyed very much. All the participants were given prizes after the programme.

4. Date 21.03.2017; 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm: Public function at IMA Hall, Calicut:

Detailed programme as per Annexure II

The District Collector of Kozhikode, Mr. UV Jose IAS was the chief guest who inaugurated the programme. He declared that anybody who is trained, to fit in with any job at the civil station, will be given a job opportunity as soon as possible. The 'dosths' (friends) of DoST (The Down Syndrome Trust) were requested to contact him for the needful.

Dr.VG Pradeep Kumar, State President of Kerala State Indian Medical Association (IMA) delivered the Keynote address. Dr.Shaji Thomas John chaired the meeting. Mr.Sikhander from Parivar Kerala wanted to see that 10 coffee vending machines are installed which are manned only by children with DS. He state that he was willing to give the necessary training.

The DoST Awards was given to two people who had been working for the upliftment of persons with Down syndrome and intellectual challenges for more than 15 years. Dr.Ramakrishnan Palat, former Professor of Zoology and Dr.N.Uthaman, former Head of Physical Medicine, Medical College Calicut were the awardees. Their biodata are given in Annexure III

5. Date 22.03.2017; 8.15 am to 9.30 am: Institute of Maternal and Child Health, Govt. Medical College, Calicut

'Peditalk' on Down Syndrome at the Institute of Maternal & Child Health, Medical College, Calicut by Dr.Shaji Thomas John, Chairman DoST, for doctors and Post graduate students. It was well appreciated by one and all.

6. Date 22.03.2017; 10.30 am to 12.20 am: Department of Psychology, University of Calicut:

The Department of Psychology along with DoST Support Group organized an awareness programme at the University of Calicut. They have already trained two persons with Down syndrome to run a Coffee vending machine which will shortly be installed at the University campus.

7. Date 17.03.2017: Department of Humana Genetics and Molecular Biology; Bharathiar University.

A one day programme was organized at the university along with a skit for creating awareness about Trisomy 21. A painting competition and an essay competition were organized in the preceding days for the university students. Dr.Shaji Thomas John from Calicut and Dr.Sankar VH , Geneticist from Medical College Trivandrum were two of the faculty members. This programme was conducted a few days earlier so as to get the faculty members, who were otherwise committed on March 21st.

-Shaji Thomas John


World Down Syndrome Day 2017
21 March 2017- IMA Hall Calicut
One Day training programme for the parents of children with DS


Welcome Address: T.Nazar Babu, Secretary, DoST Support Group
Presidential Address: Vijayan Payyakkal, President, DoST Support Group
Inauguration and Address: Dr.Shaji Thomas John, Chairman, The Down Syndrome Trust
Felicitations: Sikhander P, State Secretary, Parivar Kerala
Vote of thanks: Joby George, DoST Support Group

Awareness / Training programme
Ajith B., Co-ordinator, National Career Service Centre for Differentially Abled
Niresh P., Co-ordinator, National Career Service Centre for Differentially Abled
Mujeeb Rehman., Kerala State Social Security Mission
Jenson M. Joy., Dist. Programme Manager, DDGKY, Kudumbashree, Kozhikode


World Down Syndrome Day 2017
21 March 2017- IMA Hall Calicut
Public meeting - 5.30 PM

Welcome: Sri.Nazar Babu T, Secretary, DoST Support Group
Presidential Address: Dr.Shaji Thomas John, Chairman, The Down Syndrome Trust (DoST)
Inauguration and Address: Sri.U V Jose, Hon'ble District Collector, Kozhikode
Keynote address: Dr.V.G.Pradeep Kumar, President, IMA - Kerala State
Presentation of Awards to Dr.Ramakrishnan Palat & Dr.N.Uthaman

Reply by Awardees:
Smt. P. Saramma, Dist Officer, Social Welfare Department.
Dr.P.N.Ajitha, President, IMA Kozhikode branch
Dr.Krishnakumar, President, IAP Kozhikode branch
Dr.C.Bhamini, Regional Director, KSSM
Smt.Kavitha P.C., Zilla Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree
Dr.K.M.Jayaraj, Principal, SIMC, Thiruvananthapuram
Rtn. Shyam Somanathan, President Rotary Calicut Central
Sri.Sikhander P., State Secretary, Parivar Kerala

Vote of thanks: Sri.Vijayan Payyakkal, Presidetn, DoST Support Group

National Anthem


Dr. Ramakrishnan Palat:

Former Professor of Zoology, who retired from Govt. Arts & Science College, Calicut in the year 2000. Was the Principal of Kodencherry Arts and Science College for 5 years prior to that.After retirement he has devoted his life for the betterment of children with intellectual challenges and started the Prashanthi School which is the pioneer institution for children with special needs. The institution has 150 students at present with 50 teachers.

Dr.Ramakrishnan Palat has won many awards: As a teacher he was awarded the Ghani award for the Best teacher.Later he also received one National award and 2 state awards for his commitment to the cause that is dear to his heart.We wish him all the very best


Graduated from Calicut Medical College in the year 1973. Later took his post graduation and joined the department of Physical Medicine from where retired as the Professor and Head of Department in the year 2001

He joined Baby Memorial Hospital after retirement and has been the head of the department of Physical Medicine since then. His commitment for social cause was brought out when he volunteered to do free service for children with Down syndrome right from the time he joined Baby Memorial Hospital.

Silent in his work and totally unassuming, he is the epitome of true service where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. DoST wishes him all the very best