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Weaving Wonders

Yarn. Colours. Looms. Patterns. Creativity. Put all of these together and see beautiful fabrics, table mats,sarees and other products emerge. The children of mathru mandir , all of whom are specially abled ring in the New Year to show you what they are capable of . Weaving with utmost care and the supervision of a talented experienced weaver, not only are they able to create beautiful products but also show the world that they are productive, have talent and can create magic. All they need is your patronage , not your pity, not even your compassion but your love for the products they make. Orders are being taken. You can choose from the options that they have the colour schemes and the patterns for the sarees and other products . When you buy from them, you buy because of the excellence in the product...and in that process become part of their journey towards being self confident members of the community