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Webinar - Financial Planning for Your Child

The most important thing that is on every parents’ mind is the financial security for both themselves and their children. And if the child is one with special needs then the worries increase manifold. A Financial webinar is being put up by Nayi Disha, a Hyderabad based NGO. Please find details below:

Dear Parents, not one day passes by when you do not think about your child's future. what is extremely essential for future of your child is your financial planning to secure his/her future. With this regards, we have partnered with Jitendra Solanki for an online webinar for financial planning. Please register here to attend the Webinar.

Your registration will be confirmed after you register online and make Rs 300 payment to @+91 78938 11770 at her number and send a text message confirming the payment. Jitendra has also agreed to courier a copy of Financial planning for families of children with special needs to each participant of the webinar. More about his book here