HEMAMALINI V S – Special Educator, DSFI
Assessment is a process of collection of information regarding personal history, living environment, resources available and current level of performance in different skill areas, of the person assessed and taking a decision for that particular individual for future course of action.

Hence it focuses on three aspects :

  • Collection of information
  • Analysis of information
  • Making decision for instructional, administrative and guidance.

Sequential Process of Assessment:

Collection of information :

The information can be collected by taking (a) Personal History/Demographic Details, (b) Administering Tests, (c) Interviewing the person being assessed, parents and caretakers etc.

Analysis of information :

Performance levels of the assessed individual in specific areas need to be analysed from different angles such as : a) Medical Aspects b) Deprivation of exposure c) Cultural factors This analysis will help in decision-making for educational or vocational intervention.