Early Intervention

Early Intervention – “The Strength of our Programme”
The Down Syndrome Federation of India offers services and assistance for infants and toddlers till the age of three who experience developmental delays. The first three years are crucial in maximizing a child’s potential. Down Syndrome Federation of India provides assistance for children with Down syndrome who may be experiencing difficulty in moving, playing, learning or communicating.


As parents, many would be experiencing concerns regarding the development of their child as well as behavioral differences. It is the goal of DSFI to provide parents with information, techniques and resources that can best help the child develop into independent individuals. We offer comprehensive services for children and families, and the extensive experience of our highly qualified professionals can make a difference to the child and the family, today…and in the future..


What help is available for the child?
The Down Syndrome Federation of India provides children and their families some unique home-based, family-based services to meet their changing needs.


Our mission is to strengthen families as we help them understand their family member with Down syndrome better and guide them with new skills to help them learn and grow. We work with the entire family and anyone else important to the child by offering techniques, strategies and helpful tips that can be easily incorporated into their daily life. We believe in discussing your child’s progress on a regular basis and will keep you informed in case any other solutions are needed in the path to the child’s growth and development.


Highly qualified skilled and experienced professionals from the early infant program will visit your family/child. Sessions may be conducted either at your home or at the centre, as per your convenience and the need as defined by the specialist. These individual based sessions focus on encouraging skill development in your child. Our staffs usually take you through the importance of each activity and help you understand how it would help your child. All children at our center learn through play. And this enables them to have an understanding of what they are doing.