Connecting with Tickle your Art Self-advocates of India – connected by art. The art work on the T-Shirts is the work of Ms. Dhriti Ranka, a 9-year old artist who gives a free rein to her imagination and comes up with art that is both novel and refreshing. Slide Our Brand Ambassador – Ms. Unnathi Surana Ms. Unnathi Surana is a 15 year old from Surat. She goes to a regular school and goes to Class 10th. She has represented India at the UN on the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day 2021. She is competitive and a highly motivated individual who believes in herself. Together we help this world become more beautiful Slide READ MORE Babli Her joy of being appreciated or her fear of not being up to the mark makes her no different from other children who are considered normal. She has been greatly motivated by great dancers and we hope Babli always remains “a Bundle of joy” as she has been.

Therapists and Doctors – Lockdown List

DSFI is happy to provide support Services through our Doctors and Therapists who have kindly consented to support our parents. Please reach out to them for any issues that you may have as per the specialization. We would be updating the list constantly. In case someone wants to share their expertise, please reach out to us to add your name to the list. You can call us/message us on 98400 60817.

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Khul Jaa Sim Sim Mantras

The Lockdown has opened in many states, yet the fear of the third wave keeps us and our self-advocates inside. After the hugely successful mantras that was devised by Rekha Maa, our parents wanted us to continue the trend. So it was decided to open the gates for our Self-advocates for them to perform and send us a video. Thus was born Khul Jaa Sim Sim – opening a land of opportunities for them to display their talents.

And they as usual bloomed when they got these challenges too. Rock on Self-advocates!

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Down syndrome federation of India bears the unique distinction of being the only centre of its kind in South India. And not just this, a lot of research programs, specialized outpatient services, and early intervention programs are also conducted and coordinated here.

Our vision is to facilitate a nurturing and supporting environment both within the family and in the society for individuals with Down syndrome and the mission to provide a long term rehabilitative, supportive and therapeutic service for individuals with Down syndrome.

Downsyndrome Parents Guide ebook

The Down's Syndrome handbook - ebook

Down but not out - Babli's Story

Nutrition Booklet for Downsyndrome Children

Ms. Surbhi Agarwal

Thanks very much Rekha Maa & his team for giving us the opportunity to spread the awareness about trisomy 21 in Chhatisgarh. I request everyone on this group to be in touch & make the good society for our kids. We all try to take forward the task & vision which Rekha Maa wants for our kids.i would also like to thanks all the parents in this group. – Ms. Surbhi Agarwal, on Dr. Surekha Ramachandran and team’s visit to Raipur for a Camp for Persons with DS there.

Dr. Anurag Gupta Father of Aashi Gupta

Good morning Rekha Maa....u r a true Maa for thousands like us....It is our great fortune that you are in our lives as an unwavering guiding light. A lot of problems were discussed with your experienced team in detail and with immense empathy and concern. We returned home with new point of views and a light hearts that we r not alone. Rekha Maa Heartfelt Gratitude .

Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Mother of Aashi Gupta, person with Down syndrome

A very good morning maa... It was our good fortune to be amongst you.. Me and Aashi are missing Chennai already.. It was a very inspiring trip. On personal note, yes I have learned a lot from you and ur wonderful team. I was wondering what good causes had I created to be with you for almost a week.. We all are so touched by your hospitality n timely arrangement of doctor's appointment.. I am falling short of words to express my gratitude to your unconditional love, care n support maa..looking forward to seeing you again in Delhi.. Anurag n me are ever ready to do anything we can to work for greater purpose of helping our children n fellow parents.