Babli was interviewed by a student of psychology as an assignment on the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day. It goes on to show how confident our self-advocates can be when they wish to showcase that side of themselves to the world.

Here is the interview content

Sainath: What did u do today

Babli: I went to hotel

Sainath: What is ur favourite food

Babli: I like sweets

Sainath: You like ice cream

Babli – No

Sainath: What is ur favourite sweet

Babli: I like kesari

Babli: I also like swimming

Sainath: That’s nice, any other things that you like

Babli: I like dancing

Sainath: Who is ur dance teacher

Babli  Ambika Kameshwar

Babli – My brother’s name is Rahul. Parents are Rekha Ramachandran and Mr. N,. Ramachandran

Sainath: Do u know my name?

Babli: No, what is ur name

Sainath: My name is Sainath

Babli: That is a nice name

Sainath: Thank you

Babli – Thank you