Down Syndrome Federation of India is delighted to share the inspiring story of Ms. Sakshi Priya, a brave 6-month-old baby who recently underwent a life-changing open heart surgery at MIOT Hospital in Chennai. The daughter of Mr. Suman Kumar and Mrs. Sakhi, Sakshi’s journey is a testament to resilience, hope, and the power of medical expertise.

Sakshi Priya was diagnosed with Down syndrome shortly after birth, which brought along unique challenges requiring specialized care. However, her family’s unwavering love and support, combined with the dedicated efforts of the medical team at MIOT Hospital, paved the way for a remarkable recovery. Mr. Suman did not know where to go for the procedure since there were complications. Doctors in Durgapur where they were showing the child refused since it was a complicated surgery.

Mr Suman and family then went to Raipur to the Satya Sai Hospital where free treatment is provided. However, the doctors there were not so sure due to the diagnosis of Down syndrome. It was at this time that Mr. Mahendra Agarwal and Ms. Surbhi Agarwal, parents and Parent Support Group members from Raipur played a pivotal role. They hosted the family and also helped the child when she contracted a severe infection by taking care of the doctor’s fees. On the advice of President DSFI, Dr. Surekha Ramachandran, they spoke to the Cardiologist at MIOT, Chennai where the doctors who had the relevant expertise were willing to help the child.

The cost of the surgery was unaffordable for the parents, but thanks to the efforts of Dr. Ramachandran, the Federation was able to collect funds for the surgery through some generous souls and the surgery could be done. The surgery was a success, marking a significant milestone in Sakshi’s journey towards better health and well-being.

This achievement highlights the importance of a family like the Humsafar Family, which is there at the time of need for each other. Wherever Mr. Suman asked for help, there was someone there from the Down syndrome support group to care for them. It serves as a beacon of hope for families facing similar challenges, showing that with the right support  and a positive mindset, incredible progress is possible.

Sakshi’s story reminds us of the transformative impact of healthcare, compassion, and perseverance, offering hope and inspiration to many. As we celebrate Sakshi’s successful surgery, let us continue to support and advocate for individuals with Down syndrome, ensuring they receive the care and opportunities they deserve.