Down syndrome, though the most commonly occurring genetic anomaly in the country is one of the least known disorders. Therefore when parents are informed that their child is a person with Down syndrome, it is difficult for them to digest this information. Due to this families of those afflicted by this disorder are unable to help their child. In fact, they themselves are not able to deal with it effectively. This eventually leads to a burn out and the parents not being able to guide their child properly.


This means that the lack of information is actually disallowing these children from blooming to their full potential. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And in the case of these kind of disorders, they come out in the form of rumours and superstitions thereby nipping in the bud any chances of development and growth for persons with Down syndrome.


Out team of experts here, not only apprise the parents and families of the current trends and treatment plans, but also offer logistic support, voluntarily. Whenever necessary the children are also referred to other medical professionals and specialists for investigations and treatment.