DSFI Excellence Awards 2023

The Down Syndrome Federation of India (DSFI) invites nominations for Indian citizens who are
working in India for the cause of Down syndrome. These awards will be given by the Babli

The 3 categories for which nominations are invited are

  1. Outstanding Research in the area of Down syndrome
  2. Outstanding effort for the cause of Down syndrome
  3. Outstanding Self advocacy- for persons with Down syndrome

The purpose of DSFI’s annual awards is to recognize those who have made significant contributions
that have influenced positive change in the field of Down syndrome.

The following general guidelines apply to ALL DSFI awards:

  1. Membership in DSFI is not a prerequisite for an award.
  2. A candidate may not nominate himself or herself or his/her organization.
  3. Recipients can receive an award in only one category.
  4. Decision of the Awards Committee is Final
  5. Activities of recipients must have a national or international impact.
  6. No posthumous awards will be given.
  7. No member or staff of DSFI is eligible for an award during his or her term of office.
  8. Individuals may not be considered if they have received an award within the last 10 years.
  9. Incomplete nominations will not considered by the Awards Committee.

Criteria for Selection of Awards
Candidate may be a provider of service to persons with Down syndrome, an academician, a
researcher, a legislator, an educator, a communications media specialist, an administrator, a family
member, or a person with Down syndrome. Candidates should support the ideals and mission of
DSFI, but do not need to be members of DSFI in order to be nominated.

  • Whose outstanding service and unique efforts have made significant advances in understanding and knowledge in the field of Down syndrome; or
  • Whose efforts have called attention to the persons with Down syndrome and consequently enhanced the delivery of services; or
  • Whose efforts have demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to the field of Down syndrome; or
  • Whose efforts have resulted in an improved quality of life for a significant number of persons with Down syndrome, or

The Award may recognize and honor an individual:

The Award may recognize and honor an individual with Down syndrome or a family member who
has made a distinctive and unique contribution through which a significant number of persons with
Down syndrome have benefited from an improved quality of life.

Awards Committee
Dr. S. Suresh
Dr. Priya Chandrashekhar
Dr. Bhavani Sriram

Please submit your nomination of candidates for the DSFI Awards for Excellence by the
20th of August 2023 by filling in the nomination form whose link is provided below.