Magic Mantras for Everyday Life

Thanks to COVID – 19, another lockdown is staring us on our faces. Many places have already begun their 2nd Lockdown and for others it seems like a definite possibility. Our persons with Down syndrome have been patient through the first one and the Federation has been trying to provide support to them through Activities of Daily Living being sent out. This lockdown too, Rekha Maa has created some Magic Mantras that will help our self-advocates continue their learning process.

Day 58 – Spring Yoga

Day 58 – 17th June, 2021 – Yoga in itself has so many variants. And our self-advocates seem to enjoy any of them and perform it to perfection. Here they perform Spring Yoga where they show us poses like the Rainbow, Flower, Mouse, Snake and…

Day 56 – 2 Activities

Day 56 – 15th June, 2021 – Our challenge for our self-advocates was to carry out 2 activities in 30 seconds. And they accepted the challenge and surmounted it too. Proving yet once again that they are capable of doing anything, when given the opportunity.