Happy to share with our beautiful family of Humsafar that Riza is going to be part of the Be Beautiful Be Yourself 2023 Fashion and Modeling event organised by Global Down Syndrome Foundation, Denver USA. By God Almighty’s grace and blessings we have got our travel Visa approved this year. Seeking everyone’s prayers and wishes for the entire travel and the event. Our children are the ultimate winners and achievers in everything they do. We just need to thank God for them in our lives. Thank you.

Riza is young, energetic and loves socializing and hanging out with her friends. She spreads laughter and cheerfulness around with her genuine conversations. She loves her family and friends and makes sure everyone around her is well taken care of. She inspires others to be beautiful just the way they are. She loves dancing and has participated in quite a few stage performances. Fashion, modelling, and theatre are her other areas of interest. She currently spends most of her time with her friends and enjoys training for running a Café one day. She is a party goer and a big time foody, too.