Shlok is an intelligent, cute, confident , caring and loveable boy. He is an multi-talented boy having reading, writing, dancing skills. He is an artist too with a lot of painting and creative craft work to his credit.  He is very good dancer as can be seen from this video

We are proud of Shlok who has also started reading. He never gave us an opportunity to be disappointed on this front either because he took to reading very easily. You can see and admire his reading skills here –

He regularly worships God. He is respectful not only towards elders, but to everyone around him. He is a caring and loving kid who showers his affection on younger children too. He is full of positive energy.  He can make friends with anyone and once he befriends someone, he is a friend for life. Forget friends, he can be make friends with complete strangers without any hesitation.

He does all daily activities by himself.  Shlok came in to our life and filled it with happiness. We are confident that he will be successful and self-dependent. Presenting  – Shlok –