Vibhu Agarwal from Raigarh Chattisgarh, is a specially abled boy of 18 years with Down Syndrome, who has not let his disability obstruct him from achieving great success in life. When Vibhu was 10 months old doctor first time told that he is down syndrome child and will not able to live normal life, it was much shocking for us but as parent we did not let down and taken it as a challenge as special parent of special child.

Vibhu from his very childhood is doing everything, enjoying every activity but only thing was he is a slow learner. He started his schooling from normal School and studied upto 7th standard and after that he passed 10th with open school exam. Though as parent we had faced many problems in upbringing of Vibhu. But now feel proud when we see Vibhu doing all his routine work independently and he also help in household work. He knows what to wear, he is very much conscious of his dressing.He is good dancer and has given many stage performance.

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In 2018 we come in contact with Sandhya ma’am member of Down syndrome federation of India, she suggested to prepare Vibhu for special Olympics. After that we come in contact with Mr Pramod sir area director of special Olympics Chhattisgarh he suggested to prepare Vibhu for badminton and also Ravi sir and Avichal sir member of special Olympics Chhattisgarh are motivating Vibhu to understand skills of badminton and basketball. Now Vibhu is good badminton player. During lockdown Vibhu you got second prize in national level badminton competition organised by special Olympics Gujarat.

He also won many virtual dance competitions and was awarded by medals, trophy and cash prizes. In 2020 MOMB organised virtual dance competition for special needs child judge by Mr Prabhu Deva, Mrs Farah Khan and Mr Ram Charan sir in that competition also so he got first position. He likes travelling and to explore new things. His video was selected to be presented in the world down syndrome Congress Dubai 2021.

We are blessed to have Vibhu as son. Thanks