Laksh Reddy is an intelligent ,Loving and a Caring child with Multiple Talents. He is a Role Model for Many Families who have Children with Down Syndrome. Many children learnt to Write ,Read, do calculations by doing Addition or Subtraction by watching Laksh video’s .

Laksh does Daily Routine independently, after taking bath he does prayers and sings Ganapathi Bhajans, attends Online classes regularly and completes his works on-time, that’s why teachers also appreciate him a lot. He operates Laptop, Mobile and tablet on his own.

Laksh is Excellent in doing Maths concepts. He does Addition also by carrying method, subtraction by borrowing method, Ascending and Descending order, before ,after and in between numbers, Less than and greater than, Ten’s and units and many more with full of confidence. Laksh is also good in Reading English and Excellent in cursive writing. He knows many things like Names of week days ,Months, rainbow colours, community helpers, seasons, Animals and their young ones ,different colours, shapes, vegetables, fruits and many more along with spellings. Daily reads one story book before he sleeps.

Laksh is not only good in Academics but also shows lot of interest in sports and games like cricket, Football, bowling, carrom board, puzzles and many more . He does wonderful colouring and painting in drawing books and applied perfect colours while doing without any ones help.

Laksh is very much consistent in doing his regular exercises like Brain Gym, cris – cros and other exercises and also co-operates very well while ora-motor exercises. He has got good sitting tolerance.

Laksh is a joyful, playful, smiling, cheerful child. He is just “Awesome” in his own way And his parents are blessed to have a child like him.