Aditya our glowing Son(SUN)came into our lives and filled our lives with happiness and radiance. Around 3 months , I had a strong intuition, an inner voice ringing an alarm that all was not normal.

This came true, when the Doctor announced that Aditya was a person with Down syndrome. It was a new word and never heard it before. Not in my vocabulary. Our life came crashing down. “WHY ME” was the question that I repeatedly asked God. My parents and of course my husband were the strong pillars who put me on my feet. They said, “You have been specially chosen by God as you are one of the special parents who will give the best to your child. Truly, he is a Divine child always cheerful and radiating that glowing smile. Being a working parent had its own challenges. But this made him and his younger brother very confident and independent at an early age. The bonding between them is great.

All along, I felt I had taught him to overcome the milestones, and other challenges in life, but I was mistaken. He came into our life with a purpose-to teach us unconditional love, patience, tolerance, compassion and to seek joy in the smallest things. Today he has grown into a handsome young man of 32 years working in a Corporate as a Data entry Operator. He is very proud of his work and very meticulous too. He has a great passion for dancing and singing . He loves to cook. He does art and craft, and painting. He is very fond of chanting shlokas and he learns them with great interest. He loves mimicry.

He is very independent and can travel alone by public transport. He is very friendly and loves to interact with people. He helps us in most of the household chores. He has converted the DISABILITY TO “THIS ABILITIES ” True to his name Aditya ,he radiates and glows with happiness.

We are indeed in gratitude to God to be the chosen parents .

Sudha and Subramanian
Parents of Aditya subramanian.