A camp was organized at Kolkata for persons with Down syndrome. Dr. Surekha Ramachandran with her team consisting of 2 Physiotherapists and one Special Educator was at the Infinity Quest Hall in Ballygunj to counsel and guide parents. This is the first time that such an event has taken place at Bengal, which was specifically only for Down syndrome. Parents who came there were a happy lot. Everybody wanted to know more about the health of their child and what they needed to do. Some parents wanted to know how to mould the child. All the information was provided during the counseling session and the therapy sessions. The feedback was tremendous and the next Medical camp has already been planned in November. Parents now want to do more for their children. They no longer feel helpless. Instead, they find strength in one another. The feedback was truly encouraging.

Really thanks to all the organizers. The session was going very smoothly and was fruitful Looking forward for the next such session with some medical discussions also as Rekha ma told today. We must meet in between to share our experiences. Thanks once again


What an awesome experience it was to meet all the parents and Dr Ramachandran. A big thank you to all the organizers who worked so hard to make this a truly successful seminar.


“Thanks for the wonderful program to all the team .It was such a wonderful experience. we have learnt a lot today n have taken positives vibes back to Darjeeling. Looking forward to attend such more programme for the betterment of our children” Parents of Angelina

Loney Gazmer

“I am over the top to read about the overwhelming success of the event. This was much needed when my Jijo was born. I ran from pillar to post to get some resource till I reached Bangalore and Jijo and I began the home management programme in Spastics Society of Karnataka. And spoke with Rekha Ramachandran’ the wizard of a woman. Jijo was 13 months old then. And the journey continued.” Parents of Angelina

Moushumi Das

Really happy to attend da seminar …. got to know many things …… looking forward to attend many such seminars …..our children are da best ….