With all the good wishes & prayers from all of you Karishma rocked at the purple fest ! She inspired so many & I m sure she got inspired by many more wonderful people who were part of this mega event (attended by more than 5000+ people from all over), & especially the 21 ambassadors with different abilities & their families! We connected with several like-minded people doing amazing work in this space both in social & corporate sector. The Goa Govt participation was huge with also the Union Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment of PsWD, the State Commissionar for disability, Social Welfare minister, the Chief Minister of Goa & others (interacted personally multiple times with her & kept reminding us that they were drawn towards karishma as she has some vibes & positive energy with innocence & virtue of selflessness!). Msg from the PM, supporting this event was read out on the inauguration day. But above all, we are feeling so enriched by the humongous possibilities & awareness this event has created. So many take-aways & learnings…realized there are many wonderful people in this world very dedicated to this cause. She took part in panel discussions sharing about her journey & challenges, titled ‘Understand us better’ for awareness. It was an eye opener for us as well ! Karishma’s art work was displayed at the art gallery & was much appreciated my many visitors. 2 of her paintings were sold & the proceeds going to support a program for premature babies. We parents had brain stroming on ‘ What after us? ‘ Lot of awareness thru Entertainment, Education, Empowerment & Enablement…Feeling very grateful to have karishma in our life ! Overwhelmed … deep experiences ! By Kalpana Kannan, mother of Karishma Kannan.