Someone rightly said “If you’re always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in? Slow down and enjoy the moment you’re in and live your lifez to the fullest.”

Yes! that’s the message each person who is born with the diagnosis of Down Syndrome wants to spread. Down Syndrome Parents Society (DSPS), New Delhi collaborated with xpressionz media for a national fashion show organized here in Delhi on 23rd September. The main organizer of the event was Magadh Production House and The head organizer of the event Mr Ashutosh Kumar and the officials of xpressionz media Mr Pinto, Ms Sujitha and Ms Roma Mansoor were highly supportive, unfailingly kind and considerate during the entire program. We thank xpressionz media for giving opportunity to our self-advocates.
The Kargil war heroes and war  widow’s were honoured prior to the ramp walk. 12 of our champion self-advocates participated in the event. Along with our self-advocates, war veterans and war widow’s  joined us on the ramp. Aarav, Ahida Sarmai, Aishwarya Rath, Aaradhya Giri, Demira Sangwan, Dhanya Sharma, Falak Chopra, Hardik, Mitali Jain, Pranav Aggarwal, Pratishtha, and Shivansh Bansal took part in this national fashion show while donning their traditional clothing from DSPS. We at DSPS are very thankful for Down Syndrome Federation of India and Kerala humsafer family for connecting DSPS to the event organizers.