Khushi – a bundle of happiness

Struggles are a part of everyone’s life, but a true warrior is one who takes it in their stride and with a happy smile moves on. Little Khushi is one such warrior.

With all the necessary interventions, consistency, hard work and most importantly Khushi’s sincere efforts, at 7 years Khushi is already awarded a first prize in public speaking contest Organized by her school, has her own YouTube channel called Happiness is KHUSHI ,is a confident child who goes to an inclusive school, does yoga, swimming, cycling, skating, singing, recites stories, loves helping in cooking ,enjoys reading ,writes independently and attends online classes with minimum prompts. To say that any of this has come in easy would be an understatement.

There were struggles and challenges (that can only be felt and cannot be described in words) , however I have not left any stone unturned in developing khushi’s personality and will continue doing so.

And it is Khushi’s enthusiastic participation and her desire to do well at all costs probably gives me that Motivation, which makes me go that extra mile. We are ready for any challenge that life throws our way. After all, the fun is in surmounting challenges isn’t it?