The Down Syndrome Federation of India captured another bastion – Central India when they organized the first medical camp at Madhya Pradesh in association with the parents chapter at Indore. The camp was organized on the 18 and 19 Jan 2020 . This camp also had the support of the Social Justice Department of Disabled , Indore.

Parents from near and far attended the camp to understand not only Down syndrome but their children also better. Parents were asked to bring in Medical Reports of their wards of prescribed tests to help doctors analyze the children and the kind of therapies/medications required. Specialists included ENT, Endocrinologist and Dentists who patiently handled each parent and child. Dr. Surekha Ramachandran, the ever-positive counsellor made it easier on parents to understand their children better.

Held across two days, the event saw almost 65 persons with Down syndrome both children and adults get themselves checked and counselled. The key take-aways from the session included:

1. believe in you child
2. Involve them in family friend instead of TV and mobile
3. listen to your kids
4. allow them to play in ground
5. involve them in any sport activity swimming , yoga etc. in early age
6. Do regular test of thyroid , vitamin D , as per suggestions
7. If you find disturbance in sleep cycle or some sleep issues, support can be received from DSFI
8. Sandhya mam explained concept of special Olympics
9. importance of independence
10. things to care in our journey to raise kids

Parents were a happier lot as they left for their homes with a song in their lips and hope in their hearts at having understood their children a little better that what they had thus far.

A few pictures that captured the moment is given here.

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