We as parents, as caregivers, as individuals interacting with persons with Down syndrome have typecast our children as capable of doing certain things and NOT CAPABLE of doing many more things. And the good part about this is that our Self-advocates keep proving us wrong every time.

One thing that we never believed is the physical challenges that our self-advocates can face. We do not think they are capable of running longer distances. But this too was proved wrong. This time by our self-advocate Pooja. Pooja is a 10 year old from Chennai. She studies in a Government school .

This Sunday (16th of October), she participated in a 11K marathon along with her whole family. She ran and finished the 11K stretch like a true professional. She was exhausted after that, but the fact that she had completed 11K is a great achievement for all of us. It shows that constant practice and training can take our children to the next level.

We are proud to present Pooja.