The ‘Able-Eves’ Workshop Towards Self Dependence For Women with Disabilities

On 27th November 2022, Down Syndrome Parents Society (DSPS) Delhi Chapter Of Down Syndrome Federation Of India (DSFI) organized a workshop for women with disabilities. In which 28 young differently abled women and 20 care givers and volunteers participated. In June 2022, one of our Self Advocates, Devanshi Joshi was invited to USA to participate in a three week program of Women’s Institute of Leadership & Disability (WILD) organised by Mobility International USA at Eugene in Oregon.
The work shop “Able-Eves” was organized with the aim to provide guidance to PWD’s, specially females, which will help them to achieve Self Dependence. The Rights of Women with Disabilities were also discussed. In the workshop the information about WILD Program of Mobility International USA and other opportunities after the RPD Act 2016 was passed were also shared with participants. This workshop also fulfilled the aim of sharing the experience and to empower women with Disabilities on the WILD lines and discuss about rights and opportunities. The unique feature about this workshop was that along with the participants all our main resource persons were also the eminent persons with disabilities, who have emerged victorious in their life. They are not only extending support but also working for the welfare of PWDs community. Down Syndrome Parents Society (DSPS) Delhi chapter of Down Syndrome Federation Of India (DSFI) conducted this workshop for women with cross disabilities.

The participants were seeking and the resource persons could provide detailed and satisfying answer to their questions. The group of participants included women with visual impairment, speech & hearing impairment, Orthopadically handicapped, Phychosocial & intellectual disability. All the participants recieved the workshop kit. The visually impaired participants kit was in braille. The sign language interpreter support helped the speech and hairing impaired participants to participate.

The welcome address was delivered by Dr Surekha Ramachandran, president, DSFI.

President of Pudche Paul (support organization of DSPS) Mr Prafull Pathak also addressed the gathering appreciated the efforts of the organization and ensured for continued support in its all future endeavors.

The chief guest of the occasion was Ms Ira Singhal, the topper of 2014 civil services exam, gold medalist of her IAS training batch. She gave the key note titled “True power of Women – Raising One’s self esteem”. The talk of the disability ambassador of India was based on her life experiences which was very encouraging.

Mrs Rashmi Joshi, president, DSPS gave vote of thanks. Ms Abha Khetrapal, President, Cross the Hurdles, gave an enriching talk on the topic Rights of Women with Disabilities and Importance of Self Advocacy.

Ms Suvarna Pradeep Raj, International Para athelete was the next powerful speaker. Her talk was titled “Personality Development and Other Opportunities Through Sports”. She utilized every second of her talk to inspire everyone and was able to positively influence her audience.

The WILD-alumni Ms Devanshi Joshi shared her experience of WILD Program. She being the first women with intellectual disability from entire world was very inspiring for all. Her talk was an eye opener for many participants as they were not aware that such opportunities are also available at International level platforms.

Mr Mallikarjuna Iytha, CEO of Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneur Association (IDEA), talked about “Enhancing Employability Through Skill Development”. His talk not only raised hope among participants but he also made them set their goals for next 10 years.

Ms Richa Sahni, Head of Corporate Partnership- Atypical Advantage gave a very informative talk on “Exploring Corporate Opportunities”. And also shared how their organization is working towards helping PWDs to become financially independent.

Dr Soujanya Rao, Gynaecologist-CMO (SG)/Comdt (Medical) CRPF gave a very educative presentation titled “Health and Wellness”. In very simple and easy manner she explained the complications of Gynaec related issues, menstrustion , reproductive health and other related medical issues .

Last but not the least our Heart To Heart Talk session was taken up beautifully by a beautiful personality Ms Madhubala Sharma who herself is visually impaired! Participants were simply amazed to meet and open their heart out with her!