Anupama was born on 3rd December 1983 which date came to be declared as World Disabled Day. We were fortunate then to be posted in Mumbai, where Dr. SM Merchant, just looking at her, confirmed that it was a case of Down’s Syndrome. He immediately started her on thyroid, minerals and brain tonic treatment that made a lot of difference in her further growth. Dr. Merchant an octogenarian at that time advised us to promote her in music and dance. We followed his cue seriously and presence of two elder sisters blossomed her into lovely person.

Ms. Mandakini taught her Bharatanatyam in the beginning and later she underwent training under almost all the Gurus in Hubli Dharwad. She has performed Bharatanatyam dance with normal children and solos wherever she got invites. Promoting awareness about disability issues, she has performed in Churches, Temples, Malls, BigBazar, Schools and village level events and TV programmes of DD Chandana – Kannada Doordarshan Channel.

We thank DSFI for affording opportunities to show her talent. Anupama is the darling wherever she goes; in our and her sister’s families, in our Colony, our friends and relatives and every one who comes across in our lives. In short we are identified as Anupama’s parents and we are proud of her achievements.