Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone’s Cloud.

Anant, my eXtraordinary son with extra X in his gene library, gave me a special purpose of my normal life and pushed my limits to bring a change in Special Kids’ world.

Being a mother of two young kids, I always feel special but being a mother of eXtraordinary kid with Down Syndrome, makes me “Special Abled” mother.

Anant is the youngest member of my family, who bought happiness 4 years back in our life and is growing into an intelligent and charming boy. Every day morning, his innocent smile makes us happy and inspires us to be more confident.

He starts his day with nutritious breakfast followed by a fast-track wrap-up exercise to go to school. He attends an ordinary school and preparing for finish his “Degree in Nursery”. We have seen tremendous improvement in his social skills and behaviour abilities after attending physical school post COVID ERA. He is an avid patient learner and spend a quality time with his Early interventionist & Speech Educators every day.

Being a skilled Artist & Certified Art Teacher, I takes lots professional workshops for our special kids, and he also actively participates including helping me in crafting, painting activities. He loves to do “Wall Sketching” and even created live colourful canvases at every corner of our home.

He is always curious to learn new stuff and specialised in doing imitations. He loves to dance on any Bollywood number. He has made lots of friends in school and tries to talk with them in his special cute style and language. He has received so many awards & appreciation accolades for his art activities and dance skills. 

He always gives me a proud mother feeling, and I always thank GOD, who has blessed me two STARS with a Special shining. I can proudly say, if Anant can cite a poem, he would say

If I appear peculiar, there’s nothing I can do!
You must accept me as I am, As I’ve accepted you!!

I cannot change the way I am; I never really try!
God made me different and unique, I never ask him why!! 

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