Children are intuitive, observative, absorptive and more importantly resilient. More so, when they are specially abled. They see, hear, notice, observe, follow little things happening around them and soon they even start teaching us. The same is true for Parth.

We did not realise when Parth observed me and my sister working on our laptop or mobile phones and in no time, he started operating all kinds of gadgets on his own from a very young age. There have been countless occasions when we asked each other if either of us had taught Parth how to operate the gadget or use any App, only to realise that it was all him.

Somebody once told us to keep him occupied and always engaged. But it was amusing to see how Parth managed to do that on his own; of course, with not so little help from our parents.

From listening to old hindi music on radio, to playing musical instruments like Harmonica, Congo, Tabla, Djembe to dancing to any random songs, helping my mom in the daily chores and in kitchen to diligently completing his assignments, Parth wants to do it all.
Today he attends skill training at Dilkhush (chose computer and cooking as the skills), workshops at TASK for soap making, block printing. He even started taking orders of block printed dinning mats, handkerchiefs, envelopes and coasters.

The day he got his first pay check, it was the happiest day of his life. We had never seen him that ecstatic before. It was the purest form of expression that will always be unforgettable.
He also helps my parents in weighing and packaging mangoes and turmeric boxes from our ‘Parth Agro Farm’ for delivery.

He has learnt variety of dishes like boondi raita, vegetable sandwich, salad, cold coffee, lemonade juices and popsicles, chocolate fudge etc. He has started taking orders for chocolate fudge too. He proudly calls himself ‘Masterchef Parth’.

Even as his elder sister, I am in awe of the compassion, understanding, empathy, love and care he has in his heart for everyone that he encounters in his life. I feel proud when somebody addresses me as Parth’s sister, and I would not have it any other way.