Hello friends
Meet Aditya Negi, a dynamic young lad full of enthusiasm. He is 18 and is being home schooled.
He is a boy always up to explore new things to broaden his horizons. He’s independent and loves to work on his own and help other’s as well. He contributes in household chores.

Aditya roams independently with his friends in the society, carries his phone with himself and is quite possessive about his belongings. He has never lost any item, and likes to be extremely clean and tidy. He is very caring and helpful and loves playing with toddlers. He also loves travelling and outdoor games.
Aditya is an extremely caring and responsible person and also has a good sense of humor. He loves taking responsibilities and doing them independently.

He has been provided a lot of exposure towards different sorts of activities, like cooking, painting, gardening, etc. He loves to dance and learn steps from watching YouTube. He is happy go round person and spreads happiness wherever he goes. He is favourite among all his cousins and friends. He has currently started to paint and shows interest in pursuing it as his carrier. As Aditya is extremely fond of cars, when asked what he’ll do with the money earned from painting, he says that he wants to buy a white SUV.