Spreading the Cheer ‐ Maahi Choudhary

Maahi…  she’s  the  joy  of  our  house!  Her  smile  is  so  contagious.  She  loves  socialising  and  hosting  parties, enjoys travelling to different parts of the world, loves to try different cuisines and is interested in anything that life has to offer. She is a Foodie. Her all‐time favourite is Dal Makhani and Shahi Paneer with Butter Naan and Mumbai Pav bhaji.

She shows interest in painting and  has won in a competition too. She is a  poser – loves posing in  various outfits and that too in style. She is a very compassionate young lady. She is very forthcoming about her feelings and does not shy away from expressing herself. She knows the art of getting her work done in her favour. A diplomatic child, she just knows how to handle people around her so that she  could  get  pampered.  However,  she  can  be  moody  at  the  same  time.  Her  favourite  hobby  is  baking and trying her hands at kitchen work. In short her interests include travelling, baking, painting, socialising, bathroom singer, cooking, reading books and just being herself.