Anived – a Bundle of Energy

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That is the inspiration that our Warrior for today gives us. All of 18 months, Anived is a true warrior from the word go. Born with a heart defect, Anived underwent his first surgery at AIIMS, Delhi when he was hardly 10 months old. In spite of that, we could hardly hear him complain, whimper of cry. A cheerful child, Anived can light up any space he is in.

Anived belongs to a small town in Uttar Pradesh called Fatehpur where facilities are not something that we can boast about. But we have always seen him as Great Warrior from birth. I am proud to say that my son teaches me something new every day. I am learning more about the life and needs of persons with disability through Anived. His laughter, his joy at accomplishing the easiest of chores warms my heart. I realize that life is all about being happy with small achievements.

When people told me that persons with Down syndrome cannot express emotions, I believed them. But Anived showed me how they really are. He can express himself beautifully. He might not speak, not stand, but he is trying so hard. I am confident that the day is not far when Anived will stand and speak for himself.

I thank God every day for this beautiful gift called ANIVED.