Lighting up Lives – the Kalpaswe Way

When  Kalpaswe  was  born,  her  mother,  a  student  of  psychology  felt  that  something  was  certainly  amiss. She asked the doctor whether the child was “Mongol”. In those days, Persons with Down syndrome  were  called  that  since  there  was  no  awareness  at  all.  But  her  doctor  pooh‐poohed  the  idea saying the child looked like her father and seemed perfectly alright. But her mother’s instincts said and proved otherwise.

Growing  up,  Kalpaswi  was  very  fond  of  colors.  Her  constant  companions  were  her  color  pencils.  Scribbling and dabbling with colors, Kalpaswi’s world revolved around them. It saddened her that she  was  not  invited  for  birthday  parties  in  the  neighborhood  and  not  allowed  to  play  with  other  children. However, her mom started playing with her to encourage other children to do the same. Kalpaswi’s favorite day was her birthday when all kids came home with gifts and played with her.

Kalpaswi  wasn’t  able  to  go  to  school  due  to  her  multiple  medical  issues.  She  was  paralysed  for  3  months, had other difficulties which prevented her from going to school . She joined Dilkhush Special  School  where  her  talent  bloomed.  Her  fondness  for  colors  was  evident  when  her  mom  allowed her to decorate the walls of a room with colors. She did not move from the room till the whole room was done.
When she was about 15 years old, a lady in the neighborhood taught children to make various crafts from  clay.  Kalpaswi  found  her  passion  here  as  she  started  designing  Diyas  using  the  clay.  Today  Kalpaswi’s Diyas are sought after in her chosen circle.

From being a friendless child to a young woman lighting up lives of others, Kalpaswi sure has come a long way.