Attaining Goals, the Laksh Way

I am really proud to say that “I am LAKSH Mother”, he is a True inspiration and a Motivator in many people’s lives, who has kids with DS. People thank me for sharing Laksh video’s because after seeing , they get a hope that our kids have the capability to do everything. When they feel low, they open Laksh’s video to feel happy, confident and to get that Motivation back.

Laksh is not only good in Academics but also he participates in all the activities. Laksh is a very good puzzle solver. He is very fond of puzzles. He knows many things like names of the week days,months,  rainbow  colours,community  helpers,shapes,vegetables,fruits  animals,Directions   and  much more. He is also good in Addition, Subtraction,Tens and ones place value,patterns and many more  in  maths.  His  interest  in  solving  maths  sums  are  too  impressive.  He  is  good  in  cursive  handwriting, he writes so correctly and neatly even I hesitate to write cursive for him while teaching. He also knows all Hindi Alphabets and Matras.

Many people call me and ask for tips on how I taught him but in fact he is so talented that he is teaching me many things like patience, loving ,caring ,helping ,selflessness and more which I can’t even express . Laksh is a 8Yr old Multi Talented boy studying in Class 2.He has interest in Academics, games sports ,Music ,Dance, Colouring, Painting etc., His Teachers are very much impressed with Laksh way of studying ,responding and very much regular in attending his classes.

He does his daily routine by himself and also helps me in house hold activities like Filling the water Bottles, keeping plates and food stuff on the dining table, cutting cucumber etc. ,He exercises regularly for physical and mental fitness .Before sleeping he reads a story and brushes his teeth. I  am  Glad  and  Thankful  to  God  for  giving  me  such  an  innocent,  humble,  loving  ,caring  and  Multi‐faceted Child.
‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐Laksh Mom.