Amazing Advocates – A series for 21 days

We are Amazing Advocates and We are Awesome.

DSFI is proud to bring this series of 21 articles from March 1 2022 to March 21 2022 about our self-advocates. Through their hard work and never-say-die spirit, our advocates are time and again proving their mettle. They do not know the meaning of “Giving-up”. However much someone wants to paint them as disabled, they move on undeterred and shine in their area of interest.

Be prepared to be inspired every day as we present our Amazing Advocates each day till the 21st of March.

Amazing Advocate #10 – Anvi

Anvi – “the Rubber Girl of India” Anvi is suffering from many disabilities since birth that include Down syndrome , Hirschsprung’s disease and Congenital heart defects. In spite of these limitations, she works hard and has won several medals in yoga competitions competing with neuro-typical…

Amazing Advocate #3 – Girish

My life,my inspiration,my brother Girish. Girish is a multifaceted social personality who amazes people with his innumerable talents and gifts and is 64 years young. Some of his highlights are:-He is full of life and enthusiasm, comfortable with 5languages -Konkani our mother tongue,Marathi,Hindi,English and Gujarati….